Michael is a friend of Kenneth’s, who made his acquaintance ten years ago. Besides, Michael got acquainted with Madam Li more than 15 years ago.

Madam Li was his magic teacher. Sometimes she held him in her arms and kissed him on his forehead and the other time she slapped him across his face.

Michael is able to tell an imposter at first sight. He lied low in Madam Li’s home. His nickname was Cnidarian, but he disliked being called by his nickname. For five years, Madam Li took him for a person of good for nothing, but then discovered tremendous ability in him. Madam Li then referred him to the master of sword for learning swordsmanship.

At a party, Michael sported a low-plunging shirt which didn’t look right on him and received mocks, which robbed him of peace of mind. Kenneth came to him and said, “I recommend you not to draw attention to yourself.” Michael replied, “ I don’t know whether to be amused or offended. You should avoid open disagreement with your team head.”

After this, he was relieved of his post of team head by the master of sword due to the scandal. His chance of being a commander of the rebel was deprived of. His task was to type the manuscript of his teacher into the computer. He did not want to dream his life away.

Thanks to his magic exhibition, Michael demonstrated his marvelous magic feat, which earned him a big name in the world of magic.

Afterwards, corruption of the officials of the Dark Empire plunged the country into full-scale civil war. Michael was assigned to airlift supplies to the besieged rebel fellows with Brian by the master of sword. For no apparent reason, Michael took an instant dislike to Brian. Brian warned Michael not to poke his nose into his business. They saw a blimp flying the Dark Empire flag.

Dark Empire had launched several unsuccessful expeditions against the rebel and drained it of the resources. Michael witnessed the fourth invasion. On the battlefield, Michael found that one should shout aloud to make himself heard by the person next to him. The rebel won the battle thanks to Michael’s brilliant performance. Many soldiers considered honored to fight with Michael. Even Brian said it was a privilege to be a compatriot with Michael.

During the battle, Michael wore a hole in his magic shoe. The research on black magic landed Michael in jail afterwards. Probably because that his magic worked wonders, Michael was released. After this, he worked his fingers to the bone and worked himself up the career ladder in the Magic Academy.

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