Maria worked as a shop assistant and caught a fancy to biology. She got into the habit of investigating of animals and plants. But all things are difficult before they are easy, as often was the case as other biologist, it was hard for her to distinguish one species from another. 

Afterwards, she became a teacher and taught whatever caught students’ fancy and grant them every wish. But the odds were not all student passed the exam, the general feeling was that she should take blame and resigned. However, the reason was not so much that the system was unfair as that she had grown professionally as much as she could there.

Maria became the headmaster of another school but she was struck by the break-up of the romantic and marital relationship and she took actions in retaliation to her ex-husband. They did not seem to stand much of a chance to get back together. She said to her ex-husband, “ You give me all your money or no deal.” while he said, “Hear me out before you say something. It is nothing short of a blackmail. Honors change manners! You are no less quarrelsome than when I first met you.”

Maria had been in sulky mood and took hostile attitudes. She was a part of bio-invasion campaign. The enemy troops were routed and fled down the hill as fast as their legs could carry them.