Engulfed in the flames of war, Kenneth led a wandering life in poverty with a belief that someday there would be free of famine, so he did not reduce to become a bandit. A master of sword took Kenneth to his home.

The master of sword was a member of the rebel. At that time, the drastic reductions in expense for academy of the rebel had proved disastrous, the master took apprentice on his own and let Kenneth stay at his home to train his swordsmanship.

At his master’s home, Kenneth’s habits of repetitive words and scratching head was susceptible to abuse by his classmates. His master taught him swordsmanship but Kenneth fell far short of the level as other student’s and received constant criticism by his master and scoff by his classmates. However, Kenneth failed to notice the growing contempt by his classmates though they said Kenneth was completely devoid of a sense of shame.

At the start, Kenneth was envied of Michael, a classmate of him, due to his popularity. He decided to develop his own style of swordsmanship and did a lot of experiments. His swordsmanship was on trial and not put into practice till two years afterward. Later on, Kenneth mastered swordsmanship in Loli’s style. The master of sword had created a war machine for training. No student could made even with the war machine, but Kenneth fought till the war machine running low on battery.

Kenneth remained faithful to his master till the teacher died of overstrain. After burying his master, Kenneth left the place and finally realized his dream of going abroad. Probably a few tournaments away, Kenneth would become the most prominent swordsman in the world.