The time-honored Church of Sigmar is in the vicinity of the centre of the Midplot, the price of the round trip ticket to which sells only for 20 gold.


The church dates back to the final years of the Dark Empire when revolts broke out on all sides. Many problems came up in the enforcement of new rules in the village, leading to the grievances of the common people against the empire. At the news of unjustified sentences, the people were filled with despair. Informed of more new regulations, people rose up in rebellion, yet the revolt is a preposterous to some.

Later on, the empire discovered that the church serving as a support for the rebellion and sent its troop to it. The troop arrived at the church not until that night. The soldiers dashed to the people, blades in hands. The villagers confronted the army. This fare warfare claimed 678 lives. A fire broke out in the village after the war and the village was razed to the ground. 

A nun came back from abroad and remained speechless for minutes at the sight of the destruction. Afterward, she got down to rebuild the church but she was going downhill financially. Some months later, some poorly educated people made their fortune surprisingly and funded the rebuilding work.

Years later, the church was at the disposal of the rebuilt town. During a meeting of the redevelopment, the senile bureau chief dozed off, implying his unwillingness for the discussion of the church project. The nun took out a chicken soap which smelled so inviting that the chief woke up. The nun used the chicken soap as a metaphor for good church and pointed out that the chicken soap would become an evil-smelling one if left out of account. The chief was persuade, understanding that "honest advice is unpleasant just as good medicine is bitter" and the church was redeveloped along with great development of the village which eventually turned into a metropolis.

The present churchEdit

The present person in charge is very much like Kenneth the warrior. Next to the church is a kiosk which sells preservative-free instant noodles, where the shop tender will remind you that plenty vegetables will do you a lot of good. There is also an energy-efficient stove which lights easily, but the stove will expire in three months due to a new regulation! Its decommission is three months away.